Universal wheel loader AMKODOR 371AC

In the standard version the loader is delivered with YMZ 7601 engine,
which proved itself in the customs union market as reliable and easy to
It uses ZF transmission and has 5 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, with
automatic control, with transmitted power, switchable under load, with
“Kickdown” function (automatic shift to a lower gear when the pedal is quickly
The presence of “Cut OFF” function, which involves the braking of the
loader and turns off HMT. In this case all engine power is sent only to
hydraulics, ensuring the operation of the loading equipment.
The blower has a Z-shaped design of the arm lifting mechanism and
develops considerable break-out force. The design provides automatic return
of the bucket after unloading in the digging position.
The presence of an adapter for a quick change of working element
makes it possible to use a range of attachments for various tasks:
• jaw grip for logs
• chip bucket with volume V = 11 m3
• standard bucket V = 3.8 m
• cargo pitchfork



Carrying capacity
6800 kg
Nominal bucket volume
3,8 m3
Maximum unloading height of the along the cutting edge of the main and unloading angle 45°
3150 mm
Minimum turning radius along the cutting edge of the main bucket in transport position
7,5 m
Nominal engine power
220,6 kW (300 hp) 1900 rpm
32 l/h
Maximum speed
35 km/h
Overall dimensions in transport position LxWxH
8650х3190х3750 mm
Operating weight
22350 kg

Interchangeable working equipment